Writing Reality

Genre: psycho suspense

Logline: A writer's story becomes frightfully real, putting his life and sanity in jeopardy, as he races to write himself back to reality.

Synopsis: Barrett Rawson, a writer, lives an easy, comfortable until a decision from his past comes to seek payment. Barrett finds he must finish a story that he cast aside years ago as too difficult to complete or risk insanity and possibly his life.

He works feverishly to finish the story, but finds as before, he can't find the ending. The characters of the story become frighteningly real and exhort him to finish the story before it's too late.

Barrett's obsession with the story lands him in a mental asylum where the story envelops the psychiatrist treating Barrett. The psychiatrist is driven insane by the demons the story reveals within himself and he commits suicide.

The demons within the story now come for Barrett and he must face truths about himself as he races to write himself back to realty and end the nightmare.