The moon gazes, the sun sleeps.
The sun rises, the moon weeps.
Came two lovers from the night.
Stillness torn apart, separate light.


Tears and autumn leaves,
once set loose, lost forever.
To the ground they fall,
into it's waiting arms,
to be comforted in the bosom of the eternal emptiness.

Leaves in traffic

Leaves playing in traffic.
Crushed beneath the tires.
Resurrected by the wind.
Finally finding an afterlife.

You and your knowledge

You tell me what you know
How very much of it there is.
You wait for my awe, expecting it.
You tell me then, how little I know,
therefore how little I am.
I gaze uncomprehending, for I know nothing.
Of far more interest is what you don't know.


The sun lays wounded, falling slowly from the sky.
Victim of an arrow shot by the night.
Its blood spills in red luminescence
onto the stark blue of the sky
creating pools of glistening crimson.
The clouds race to stanch the flow,
but only succeed in turning their while loveliness a pale pink.
The streaks of their tears form a rainbow against the sky,
as the sun thanks their kindness.

A tear drawn red

Within I live, without, I die.
Tears, without, I live, within I cry.
Lives without, death within.
Blood I am, a tear drawn red.

Somewhere Between...

Here and there I lost you.
Between the pleasure and pain.

The smile and your anger.
The time away and the time lost.

Between the sheets, your lips, your touch.
The days, the endless night.

The loss sears what's left of my heart,
to the point there's nothing more to say.


The wind speaks volumes.
Giddy almost, in its gossip.
Just listen.

La Pantera

Transparent against the night.
Eyes gazing from Infinity.
A scent of rose petals kissing.
The touch, silk upon satin.
Each step silent as fog dancing on water.
Honeysuckle in heat, a kiss from eternity.

I Kiss the Rim of Your Wine Glass

It sits on my shelf, your lipstick etched upon it,
the drops of wine now only dried burgundy memories.
I could wash it, but I won't.

Your kisses, long gone, never forgotten, still reside upon the rim.
My tear drops upon the dried burgundy and for an instant,
the wine returns, as does your touch and your satin kisses.
Within the glass comes a scent of infinity, remembrance of you.

Where are you? Has the Universe kept you well?
Do you hunger as I for the nights, the days and those moments,
when time held its breath long enough for us to make love.
Perhaps in those moments, we were the Universe.

Haunted by your loss I kiss the rim of your wine glass,
the closest to your lips I'll ever come.

I Look for You

In the glass reflection,
in the lips of another,

in the autumn funeral march.
The eyes of a stranger,
and the snow parachuting from God knows where.

In none of these are you.

I rend the covers of the universe... nothing.
If not there, where?

Round pegs and square holes

Round pegs don't fit in square holes,
so they told me.
Seeking to please I became a square peg,
which doesn't fit a round hole,
so I discovered.

You'll need something special,
but we have just the cure.

From the drawer they pull a round pill,
a square program, and

to protect my rights, a bit of 504.

Struggle I must, yet fail I did,
until I realized that...

Round pegs aren't meant to fit in square holes.

You left...

A bit of your taste in my mouth.
A smear of your lipstick on my cheek.

Your peek a boo glance in my eyes.
The caress of your lips in my tears.

Your scent on my pillow.
Some of your warmth in my sheets.

Your whispered endearments in the wind.
Your laughter in the chimes outside my window.

A piece of your heart buried in mine.

You left...something else behind...


Mi Amor (a feminine perspective)

How black is my love's hair.
How gentle his hands upon me.
How sweet his lips, how deep his eyes.
How light his weight as he crushes me.
And how courageous his heart as he
makes love to me.

Sand in an Hour Glass

By chance, we touch.
Perchance, we lost touch.

An ordinary day, a lonely bench, top of the stair,
haply leads to our stare.

Curiously, ascent leads me here.
Your scent draws me near.

Watching, wanting, waiting... to touch again.
Drawn ethereal, same as it had been.

Three minutes of eternity...
Trapped within an hour glass.

Lost within the embrace, the sand slips away.

Lost & Found

Whispered memories lost in the night.
Found by the wind in the morning light.