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Shattering all precedents, first time novelist Julian Winter has boldly ­ even beautifully ­ created a seductive new world in T'ongil where lovers and tigers share whispered promises. . . Winter has crafted a work of stunning magical realism. - MetroWest Daily News

T'ongil is a mystical love story that tugs at your heart and whispers to your spirit.
author of The Lakota Way: Stories and Lessons for Living - Joseph Marshall

A lyrical leap of imagination. . . shows love in the many forms it takes. - Korean Quarterly

...a spiritual journey of the heart, a romance imbued with deep thoughts about lifeââ'¬â"¢s meaning and the price of love...the language is beautiful and will especially appeal to romantics. - Columbia Tribune (MO)

This novel is incredibly powerful . . . one of the most highly crafted stories it has been my pleasure to read. I marveled at the author's ability to control the story from start to finish . . . an almost perfect five hearts. - Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews

Julian Winter weaves a mystical, mesmerizing text in T'ongil . . . complex characterization and sophisticated narrative choices . . . lead to a lyrical world of magic and love. T'ongil . . . a tale of profound, mystical beauty . . . comes very highly recommended. - The Midwest Book Review

There is such intense beauty in the writing style it becomes a perfume that drifts through the pages never letting you escape its pure scent. The rhythm of the words entice you into poetry and spiritual elements so rare, the writing at times becomes art. - The Rebecca Review Amazon.com's #3 ranked reviewer

The story line grips the reader. . .well-written, yet complex charmer that character study fans and romance aficionados will want to peruse. - Harriet Klausner Amazon.com's #1 ranked reviewer

T'ongil is written in a rhythmic, poetically mystical language . . . almost lyrical . . . this story has stayed with me long after I finished the book. - The Word on Romance

This story is not like any other love story that I have ever read . . . it will make you stop and reflect on your life and all the secrets it holds. The library should have several copies of this book on their shelves, as it will disappear regularly. - Escape to Romance

As readers savor the carefully revealed bits and pieces that comprise complex characterization and sophisticated narrative choices, T'ongil becomes a tale of profound, mystical beauty. T'ongil comes very highly recommended. - WordWeaving

With sultry words and writing that wraps you up in its detail, this author knows how to make a story come alive without the clutter of needless words. You will totally devour this story of love, strength, reuniting, and above all, understanding. This is the ultimate love story. - Book Review Cafe

T'ongil . . . infused with extraordinarily lyrical language . . . eloquently written. A strange & wonder-filled read, occasionally awkward, often elegant, which literally sings. - RebeccasReads.com

T'ongil ... presented in poetic style through enigmatic language. Intriguing read, recommended ... sure to please. - Molly's Reviews