Death by Desire

Note: Death by Desire is the first part of a duology paired with A Scar to Talk About.

Genre: Pyscho suspense

Logline: A homicide detective enters the murky world of the Pythos sex club in pursuit of a killer, only to find that her own secrets rival the killer's.

Synopsis: A series of murders leads Riki Santana, a no-nonsense homicide detective to the Pythos sex club. Not your typical adult match up club, The Pythos Club is an exclusive club designed for the very adventurous combining sex and pursuit, creating a predator and prey environment.

Within this murky world Riki must maintain a sense of equilibrium as she matches wits with a killer who knows more about her secrets than she does.

The closer she comes to solving the murders, the closer she comes to a secret hidden deep within herself.

Can she survive disclosure of this revelation?