Silk Tiger

Genre: Mystical love story

Logline: Two tormented souls collide in a relationship that bares forgotten secrets and brings the question...if love came, could you give it your life.

Synopsis: Ainsley Revere, a Native American raised by his Medicine Man grandfather, renounces his native heritage to follow his own path. He has a latent spiritual gift partially revealed in the power to control the large predatory cats (lions/tigers). He creates an institute to preserve them from extinction.

To dull his spiritual angst he frequents the Asian massage parlors where he encounters Changmi, a master of her trade, but host to a deep loneliness. Raised an orphan, she's cut off from her past and family. Unknown to Changmi a secret lurks within, that blossoms, drawing her and Ainsley irresistibly together.

Ainsley's neglected heritage asserts itself, testing their love. They lose each other as they face their inner turmoil. Only after each risks their life for the other do they find themselves. But Changmi faces a further test when she discovers her past and the lost twin sister therein.

As the twins regain the lost years Changmi finds that only one can survive and must again risk life for love. Her decision shows the depth of her soul while preserving the love she found with Ainsley.

Silk Tiger is an intense, unconventional love story between a Korean woman, with a deep secret unknown even to her, and a Native American with secrets of his own, drawn from a mysterious spirituality rooted in his native heritage. Love takes them on a mystical journey, leading to the discovery of their secrets and the heart-rending sacrifice it entails