Completed Screenplays
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Silk Tiger: Two bodies, one soul, no choice. Synopsis Recognition

Logline: Two tormented souls collide in a relationship that bares forgotten secrets and brings the question...if love came, could you give it your life. Note: Silk Tiger is adapted from the novel T'ongil.

Tango de los Muertos: (a collaboration with Colette Winter) Given Love or Immortality, which would you choose? Synopsis

Logline: A group of Tango dancers from the 1920's mysteriously don't age. They find immortality brings its own death.

The Caterpillar and the Butterfly: When is Now? (Sci fi) Synopsis

Logline: Humankind's venture into space results in a transformation of consciousness which will destroy everything we believe in. Can we survive the butterfly effect?

Deep Cut: The value of a diamond is all in the cut. (suspense) Synopsis

Logline: A jewel thief comes out of retirement to settle an old score, but discovers the past has its own score to settle with him.

Death by Desire: Death is but six degrees of separation. (psycho suspense) Synopsis

Logline: A homicide detective enters the murky world of the Pythos sex club in pursuit of a killer, only to find that her own secrets rival the killers.

A Scar to Talk About:The deadliest scars are those you can't see. (psycho suspense) Synopsis Recognition

Logline: A heartbroken man drowns his cynicism by creating the world's greatest unsolved serial crime, but finds no joy until he dares to love again.

Beggar: We're all beggars for the truth. Synopsis

Logline: Through a twist of fate, a self-made Wall Street billionaire finds himself a homeless beggar. He resolves to regain his riches only to find true happiness in his poverty.

Coma Dreams: Reality is where you find it. Synopsis

Logline: A psychiatrist risks insanity to aid a coma victim who contacts him subconsciously seeking help to awaken her from the coma.

Duplicity: Perfection has its flaws. Synopsis

Logline: In 2037 the world's most powerful man creates a new human species in his own image. He finds that in playing God the devil is in the details.

A Tear Drawn Red: Blood is only a tear, drawn red. (drama) Synopsis

Logline: A father risks his life in a final attempt to reconcile with the daughter he abandoned.

Writing Reality: When reality is an illusion, sanity becomes fiction. Synopsis Recognition

Logline: A writer's story becomes frightfully real, putting his life and sanity in jeopardy, as he races to write himself back to reality.

Screenplay projects in progress

Ask Angie: Sex is a three-letter word for death. (Fantasy drama) Synopsis

Logline: A sex advice columnist discovers her own dark side and a predator feeding on the desire of others.

The Phoenicia: In death one finds life. (Fantasy drama) Synopsis

Logline: When diagnosed with a terminal illness a woman's dreams lead her on a search for immortality.

Transparency: What secrets are you hiding? (Sci fi suspense) Synopsis

Logline: In a world without secrets, how do you hide murder?

Primeval: When did we begin? (Sci fi suspense)

Logline: In the pre-historic past two outcasts meet and forge a relationship that spawns the human race.

Future Projects

Forget Me Not: Could you survive the eternal now? (Sci fi) Synopsis

Logline: One day the world forgot her. Her friends, her family no longer remember her. Within the world's amnesia she walks a perpetual stranger, an outsider looking for a reason to carry on.

Memories of a Tear: Is it ever too late to mend a wrong? (family drama)

Logline: A man reincarnates as his remarried widow's son to heal the wounds left behind by his premature death.

The Armageddon Profile: What will you do when the lights go out?

Logline: Believing he's Destiny's hand, a reformed terrorist plans to return the world to simpler times by destroying the United States. The only one capable of stopping him races to save America from becoming a third-world country.

Einstein's Daughter: What happened to Einstein's lost daughter? (drama/suspense)

Logline: The granddaughter of Einstein's illegitimate daughter discovers a government plot to control the world's leaders. To stop the plot she uncovers Einstein's lost theory of relativity and the catastrophe it holds for the world.

Black Zero: What is when time is not? (sci-fi/adventure)

Logline: A man's sense of time reverses, sending him back through time toward Black Zero and the secret of human consciousness.