Forget Me Not

Genre: Sci fi suspense

Logline: One day the world forgot her. Her friends, family, every data bank no longer remember her. Within the world's amnesia she walks a perpetual stranger, an outsider looking for a reason to carry on.

Synopsis: Victim of some cosmic quirk, Ella's identity is erased from the common memory we take for granted. Every data bank, everyone she knows no longer remember her. She walks the world as a perpetual stranger, an outsider daily interacting with the same people, who act as if they've just met her.

She contemplates taking her life, but adapts, developing a bitter cynicism against the world that abandoned her. Into this shadowy realm comes Ben, suffering from the same affliction. Together they find love and enough meaning to carry on.

But one day the world reclaims Ben, taking away his memory of Ella, leaving her again all alone in a world of strangers.