Genre: Sci-fi suspense

Logline: In 2037 the world's most powerful man creates a new human species in his own image. He finds that in playing God the devil is in the details.

Synopsis: Naya Roanoke, the world's foremost authority on viral pathology, is recruited to research an epidemic that destroys the entire Australian population, except for the Aborigines. Unwittingly she infects America and races to find a cure.

Adrian Larchmont, the world's most powerful man, has secretly ignored a world ban on cloning that he orchestrated so he'd have no competition developing a new race of human. He offers Naya the use of his superior medical labs to combat the growing epidemic without telling her his plan is to let the virus destroy all of humankind and replace it with his own creation.

Naya discovers the secret of her past and in so doing uncovers Adrian's plot to re-create humanity in his own image. Too late to stop him she finds herself part of a new race of humans.