Coma Dreams

Genre: Psycho suspense

Logline: A psychiatrist risks insanity and death to help someone keep a promise, long forgotten.

Synopsis: Eliott is a psychiatrist whose years of treating the insane have pushed him deep into the realm of the subconscious where he struggles to retain his sanity. He's further troubled by the guilt of his wife's injury which has left her mentally incapitated.

There, in the twilight between sanity, the subconscious and insanity, he encounters Clare. She is looking to keep a long-forgotten promise not to abandon her children and hopes that Eliott can help her find the path back to reality.

As Eliott slips deeper into the netherworld between the conscious and the subconscious, he questions his own grasp of reality. What he discovers is that true love is never lost and indeed Love does conquer all.