If you could read silk, it would be T'ongil

The moon gazes, the sun sleeps.
The sun rises, the moon weeps.
Came two hearts, from the night.
Stillness torn apart, separate light.

T'ongil is the phonetic translation of the Korean word , meaning to connect and unify. It is an intense, unconventional love story between a Korean woman, with a deep secret unknown even to her, and a Native American with secrets of his own, drawn from a mysterious spirituality rooted in his native heritage.

Love takes them on a mystical journey, leading to the discovery of their secrets and the heart-rending sacrifice it entails. T'ongil is a compelling drama of loss and self-discovery that leaves you with a question ... if love came, could you give it your life?

Projects in progress:

The Collapse of Thought: A sci fi thriller.

Premise: Do species, specifically the human race, have a life span? If not destroyed from without does a species age and die of natural causes? The Collapse of Thought explores how the human race will devolve.

Cerulean: A coming of age drama.

Set on the water planet Aqueous, the Aqueans are a dolphin-like race ruled by age-old traditions and rigid rules of societal conduct. When the young girl Beau challenges these traditions it throws her life into chaos.

Only a journey of self exploration will restore her sense of balance. Beau's journey changes her, her race and the planet forever.