Genre: Drama/comedy

Logline: Through a twist of fate, a self-made Wall Street billionaire finds himself a homeless beggar. He resolves to regain his riches only to find true happiness in his poverty.

Synopsis: Gavin Montrose is a self-made Wall Street billionaire with a perfect life until, in a drunken stupor, he falls overboard from his yacht. He doesn't drown but spends enough time at sea that the world considers him dead.

He washes ashore looking like a homeless person. He returns to his former life to discover he's lost control of his wealth and his company. His friends were never friends, even his wife has forgotten him.

Arrogantly he resolves to regain his former riches and destroy those that turned on him. To prove to himself how brilliant he is, he elects to start his rags to riches journey as a beggar on the very Wall Street where he made his fortune.

As his plan succeeds and he rises from the ashes he discovers how unhappy his former life was and that he's merely creating it all over again. In a moment of humility he sees that true happiness is found in having nothing. He turns his back on the material world and uses his new-found riches to help the needy.