A Tear Drawn Red

Genre: drama

Logline: A father risks his life in a final attempt to reconcile with the daughter he abandoned.

Synopsis: Mid-life comes to Cal Gardner, ending his marriage and career, which sends him down a path where he questions his sanity. He finds solace in an attentive companion ready to share his troubles, alcohol.

After an eighteen year binge, Cal remembers, through the haze, the daughter he left behind. With a new focus, he sets out determined to find her.

Finding his daughter brings tears, not those of a joyful reunion, but of a wound, long-festering, buried beneath a scab now torn free. They develop an uneasy truce which breaks over the discovery of his daughter's own child, abandoned in similar fashion to how he left his daughter.

A secret he shares with his daughter offers a path to reconciliation, but requires that both resolve their guilt and resentment. His last gift to daughter and grand daughter heals the wound he initially caused.