A Scar to Talk About

Note: A Scar to Talk About is the second part of a duology paired with Dead within Six.

Genre: Psycho suspense

Logline: A heartbroken man drowns his cynicism by creating the world's greatest unsolved serial crime, but finds no joy until he dares to love again.

Synopsis: A devastating loss leaves RD Rhone bereft of purpose. He blames life and pays it back by executing a series of unsolvable crimes. His success attracts Angie, a serial killer avenging her own loss, who disguises her agenda within his. Further, Angie develops a secret love for RD and a plan to consummate her love for him.

Niki Santana, the homicide detective, seeks to unravel the two threads, but only succeeds in being drawn deeper into Angie's chilling psychosis.

The corners of this triangle sharpen as Niki and RD are drawn to each other. Unable to resist their powerful attraction they cut themselves on the edges and reveal their inner scars.

Niki solves the crime, but not the criminal. Only then does she discover the brilliance in Angie's plan and the depth of her love for RD.